Rembrandt 24" Microfiber Dust Mop


Our industrial-quality does more than “push” dirt around. It captures it with a broad stroke!

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To keep your floors clean and dust-free, use this wonderful dust mop. You’ll love it for any hard surface floor, especially important for wood to preserve the finish.

The Rembrandt Microfiber Dust Mop includes:

  • 24″ heavy-duty frame
  • Professional-grade washable microfiber pad – up to 200 washings
  • Super-sturdy, handle with comfortable rubber grip
  • Industrial quality clip to easily attach handle to frame so that they can be stored upright in a standing position

Ergonomic. Economical. Earth-friendly. We love this dust mop because of the way it moves and how it feels in your hand.  The 36″ frame with microfiber pad helps you clean quickly with a broad stroke.

Brilliant idea!  Brilliant cleaning!

View videos.

MORE NEWS:  This dust mop is also available in a 36,” 48″ and 60″ mop frame to accommodate large rooms, including a gym floor.  Save time and energy while getting professional results!

Another innovative product from CPI ~ Creative Products International.