Monet 18" Microfiber Mop


Every home should have a Monet. FREE SHIPPING!

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This mop swivels and moves like a dream. Wall to wall, corner to corner, along baseboards, around and under furniture. Our Monet Microfiber Mop includes:

  • Heavy-duty mop frame swivels to clean easily around everything
  • Sturdy telescoping handle extends 39.5″ to 72″ to adjust to your height and for better reach
  • 2 professional-grade 18″ microfiber pads with patented loop design good for up to 500 washings
  • 6 World’s Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


Perfect for any hard surface floor*: wood, ceramic, marble, tile, laminate. Ergonomic. Economical. Earth-friendly.  While Swiffer may seem “convenient”, it is expensive to use and creates tons of waste while our sustainable, easy-on-the-environment microfiber will WOW! you in every way.

Another innovative product from CPI, Creative Products International.  Included in our Master Collection on sale now.

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*Use wet for tile, marble, and laminate. Use misted or damp for wood floors. Use dry for dust mopping.

Our Michelangelo 10″ Microfiber Mini-Mop is also included in our Master Collection.  Choose our Rembrandt 36″ Microfiber Dust Mop for an even broader stroke.