Green Home Solutions Starter Kit


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GET CLEAN is a full-line of green products that are the safest in the world, biodegradable and natural, recyclable or reduced-waste packaging, concentrated to save energy and to save you money.

Our Green Home Solutions Starter Kit includes these Get Clean products:

  • BASIC H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate
    • makes thousands of bottles of cleaning solution:  windows, glass, floors, all-purpose, degreaser
    • three spray bottles & dropper tip bottle labeled for easy dispensing and mixing
    • no rinse, no residue, streak-free cleaning
    • an official Earth Day product
    • Green Seal Certified
  • Scour Off Heavy-Duty Paste
    • for sinks, tubs, showers, tile
    • perfect for cleaning cook-tops and ovens
    • rinses away easily with any powdery residue

We personally use GET CLEAN products.  We recommend GET CLEAN in all of our checklists, tips and videos for The Art of Housekeeping.  Go green with these non-toxic concentrates that will replace Windex, 409, Easy-Off, Comet, Bar Keeper’s Friend, any degreaser or comparable conventional cleaners on the market today.

Click here to view the entire GET CLEAN family of green products.