DaVinci Duster with extendable handle


Maximum dust grabbing with minimal effort. We love this duster! FREE SHIPPING!


You will be impressed with the function and design of our DaVinci Microfiber Duster.


  • Davinci Duster that has innovative and unique with patented 2″ looped microfiber strands for maximum dust grabbing and a handle that extends 34″ – 51″ so that you can reach high and low.
  • 3 World’s Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • 3 e-Double Cloth


Ideal for dusting picture frames, blinds, grates, crown moldings, ceiling fans and corners anywhere! We love running it along baseboards to quickly clean an area you may never get around to cleaning.

To launder, unsnap the microfiber sleeve from the handle and wash, then air dry.  Good for up to 200 washings! The sleeve easily re-attaches to the handle with two sturdy, heavy-duty snaps.

The DaVinci Duster is fast and efficient!  It will make you smile!

Included in our Master Collection on sale now.

Another innovative product from CPI ~ Creative Products International.

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