Wood, tile, laminate, any hard surface floor will love
​our Microfiber Mop.  We call it “The Monet”.

Your floor is the canvas where dirt, dust, debris and footprints accumulate.
​It’s called living!

Think about it. Gravity and traffic are working against you and a clean floor. You can’t change that ~ and you don’t want to!  What you can do is quickly and easily touch up or deep clean your floors.  Whatever your personal comfort level for clean may be, our high-quality, commercial-grade microfiber mop will make dust mopping or deep cleaning a breeze.  

Many people think Swiffer or a wimpy mop will do.  Nay-nay. Swiffer is known as “sustainable profitability”. Translation: Swiffer is expensive. And it creates tons of toxic synthetic trash. Oh, and the handle is short and not functional.  A foundation for The Art of Housekeeping is our Monet Microfiber Cleaning Mop; because it’s ergonomic (save your back!), earth-friendly (save the planet!) and economical (save $$$).   


Michelangelo 10″ Microfiber Mini-Mop


Perfect mini-mop for cleaning tight or high spaces. FREE SHIPPING! Telescoping handle, sturdy mop frame with our reusable high-quality microfiber cleaning pads, of course! More Info »

Michelangelo 10″ Microfiber Mini-Mop was last modified: by Kathy Spratt

Rembrandt 24″ Microfiber Dust Mop


Our industrial-quality does more than “push” dirt around. It captures it with a broad stroke! More Info »

Rembrandt 24″ Microfiber Dust Mop was last modified: by Kathy Spratt

Monet 18″ Microfiber Mop


Every home should have a Monet. FREE SHIPPING! More Info »

Monet 18″ Microfiber Mop was last modified: by Kathy Spratt


We’ve chosen our favorite products and put them together for you in a package. All of these tools are innovative, but practical ~ like they were designed by someone who knows how to make cleaning not so bad!

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