Electronics love our microfiber… and so will you.

The perfect way to clean your screens &  more.

Our microfiber cleaning cloth is ideal for delicate surfaces. It not only removes smudges and fingerprints, but picks up dust & traps it in the fiber pattern of the cloth. Traditional wipes or paper towels just push the dirt and debris across the surface and microfiber actually lifts it off the surface.​   WARNING: Please read the directions that come with your electronics. It may state what type of cleaning cloth/products must be used to protect the surface. Use only the type of cleaning cloth/product that is stipulated by your product’s manufacturer. 


e-Double Cloth


Double-sided microfiber cleaning cloth with heavy-duty microfiber on one side and lint-free microfiber on the other. More Info »

e-Double Cloth was last modified: by Kathy Spratt

DaVinci Duster with extendable handle


Maximum dust grabbing with minimal effort. We love this duster! FREE SHIPPING! More Info »

DaVinci Duster with extendable handle was last modified: by Kathy Spratt

Master Collection

We’ve chosen our favorite products and put them together for you in a package. All of these tools are innovative, but practical ~ like they were designed by someone who knows how to make cleaning not so bad!

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