We want to help you clean house. 

And we think we can have fun doing it.​​ 


We’re super-passionate about inspiring you to live well.

At the age of 43, Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer for no apparent reason. But after this wake-up call, she started looking at her life. One of the easiest things to change was to eliminate toxic chemicals from her home ~ yep, she said, “No more chemicals!”  It’s a choice you have to make and it really isn’t that hard to do, but it requires some trial and error to find what works.  In her passion to get healthier, she discovered a lot of things that work really, really well.  That’s now what we call The Art of Housekeeping and we want to share it with you; because we not only want to help you clean, but also help you live a happier, healthier life! 

Kathy’s life has been filled with adventure and exploring new options. Besides traveling to Costa Rica and too many other places to name, she has lived in St Thomas, Hawaii and Africa. She now lives in a Florida beach house where she sees the sunrise on the ocean every morning. She has worked in real estate, property management and the hotel industry. She has owned a packing and shipping company.  She has worked with and employed a lot of people. All of this travel and work experience has given her the heart and passion to make a difference in people’s lives and in the world. To know her is to love her!   Whatever your challenge, she can relate!  

Our goal is to make a house a home where love happens and memories are made.  
                                                                                                    ​~ The Art of Housekeeping 

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