We make cleaning faster, easier, better & Greener, of course!

The Art of Housekeeping is about your green, clean home.

No matter how you feel about cleaning, we understand.  No one has EVER said, “I want to spend more time cleaning…”  but we all enjoy a clean home.  And what about chemical cleaners?  When you are cleaning and feel like you need to leave the house to breathe, you know something is wrong.  That’s why we created The Art of Housekeeping, because we understand and we felt the same way!  Read More


High-quality, commercial grade, ergonomic and unique. You won’t find our products in a store, 
​because they are used by professional cleaning crews mainly in hospitals and in schools.  ​
We are excited to bring these innovative and creative ideas to you.​
​You will love the results.  ​You will love The Art of Housekeeping.


Our tools work hard so that you don’t have to.

Cleaning your floors will be a breeze
​with our monet microfiber mop.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for! 

your Kitchen is the heart of your home

Where friends gather & good food happens.  

It’s a place where you want to make cleaning as natural as the food you prepare there. 

Twice the shine in half the time.

Make your bath a SANCTUARY

You use it everyday and it may be the only place where you can be alone.

Looking for something in particular?

We’ve chosen our favorite products and put them together for you in a package.  All of these tools are innovative, but practical ~ like they were designed by someone who knows how to make cleaning not so bad!  


“When we were selling our home in Maryland, I loved using these tools to keep the house clean and even going over the floors quickly before a showing. House sold! Love the Monet Mop!” 
Susan ~ Maryland to Colorado

“The Art of Housekeeping tools are so special that I have a vintage-looking coat rack in my utility room where I can hang them!  They make me feel so organized and efficient!” 
Bonnie ~ Minneapolis​
This is the World’s Best Microfiber.

There’s so much to tell… we had to create its own website.

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